Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to study physics for IIT JEE...???

Phun of physics
For a good engineering career your physics must be excellent.Engineering is actually application of physics.
It is a subject in which you can be sure of scoring good marks if you have studied well. Unlike maths and chemistry paper of physics is always comparatively easy in IIT-JEE and you can score ample marks in it.

How to study physics........???

To excel in physics your maths base must be strong. you must be cool with differentiation and intigration.
so please strong your maths base. you must not be afraid of cutting sections,plotting graphs...etc. 
so strong maths base provides strong foundation for strong physics.

Boost your concept.

physics is a science of nature. it is governed by certain must learned these laws by heart. hardly there are 25-30 laws in your please take care of it. now there comes applications of laws.
you must solve small questions to boost your concepts......and to learn how these concepts work in different types of enviorment. so doing small questions is a big thing in physics.

now comes the real thing

many tough looking questions of physics involve concepts from 2-3 don't be afraid if such question comes because they are very easy. to solve these type of questions,first create a workplan either in your mind or on your paper. this will give you more insight in questions and will help you to understand which concepts are to be used.

above may be very small looking things but it will help you greatly as basics are more important than anything else in IIT-JEE. 


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