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how to get top rank in IIT JEE: lettre by a student!

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Have you ever wondered what is the difference between you and the one who tops? The difference is the advice which I am going to give you. There are 2 Success Secrets That 97 Out of Each 100 Students Preparing for IIT-JEE, Do Not Know And How Learning These 2 Secrets Can Help Ensure You Get Success.Do you realize that half of the IIT-JEE aspirants join one of the good coaching classes, pay Rs 20,000 to over Rs 1 lac as coaching fee, spend 12 to 24 months (or longer) to attend the classes, work at home, and make sacrifices. But all this effort will be wasted and they will still fail. These people are sincere, hardworking students and try to do most that is in their control.

They fail because nobody taught them these two secrets:

  1. How the difference between 100% whole-hearted effort and 90% or 95% effort is HUGE (and not just 5% or 10%)
  2. How competitions are different from exams and the importance of the Bell Curve for success in competitions
Are you ready to learn these secrets?

How the difference between 100% whole-hearted effort and 90% or 95% effort is HUGE (& not just 5% or 10%)

Understanding this principle is crucial.
In Pilani during my engineering education, I was among the high grade students. That was in all semesters except the last semester. What happened? Well, I thought, "I am very intelligent and smart and I will surely get admission with scholarship to at least 2 American universities and will go to USA." "And, since the admission to America does not depend on how well I do in the final semester, let me relax a bit. Let me not work hard to the 100% of my ability. Let me work only 90% or 95% as hard as I always worked".
With that thought process, when the results finally came, I scored about 6.5 grade points out of 10 (where as I was above 9 grade points out of 10 otherwise).

What's the lesson for you?

If you have a goal and if the goal is so important that you are really serious about achieving, willing to work hard and make sacrifices, then put in 100% effort. Don't be a lazy person thinking just 90% or 95% effort will be good enough. O.K? Then follow it!

Give your best. Try your best.

Work wholeheartedly. And, achieve success.

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