Wednesday, December 28, 2011

3 must things for IIT JEE Mathematics/maths

All the topics are equally important for IIT JEE but there are some topics which you must do with extra care. THREE C’s are very important in maths- complex numbers, coordinate geometry, calculus. These three are very important and you must take extra care of them. These topics will appear you lengthy and somewhat tricky at some level but after practice these will be the most easy topics for you. For doing these topics smoothly you must follow three steps-

Visualization - you must visualize the problem in your mind before doing these problems. These problems requires substitution etc. so if you straight forward start doing these on paper then you may fall in deep trouble. So solve problem in your mind before doing it on paper. This needs a lot of practice so start now

Comparison- if you can compare one question to another you can save time and effort. This also no one can teach you but you must learn it by yourself. This would help you in your calculus problems especially integration.

Graphical approach- sometimes problem becomes lengthy if you solve analytically but you can solve it easily with graphical approach. It will help you in removing cases, rejecting options etc. almost every question can be solved graphically quickly and easily.

No one can teach you above traits. Only you can learn it by yourself. You wont learn it in one day and lots of practice is recquired. don’t panic if you cant learn them all. If you learn even one you can crack IIT JEE……so best of luck……and start practicing…….and do come again to this blog for another nice bunch of topics.-

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