Monday, December 12, 2011

How to crack IIT JEE in 4 months????

Well nowadays I have met students who say “I am loosing my confidence”. Should I drop?

What Will Happen If You Lose Your Confidence?

First of all tell me …What will happen if you lose your confidence? Is it going to help you?

The answer is NO.

So why to take tension. Just go there, write your exam. Rest leave it to god.

Why are you thinking of dropping Now?

First let the exam happen.

IIT at any Cost…

See your aim must be only IIT, Nothing else. Dont think about any other exam. Don’t think “Mera IIT mein nahin hoga to mai AIEEE ka prepare kar Leta/Leti hoon”

We all know that it’s high time but the difference between ordinary and EXTRA ordinary is that EXTRA

IITians won’t lose hope at this time. Am I right?

4 Months is all what you have…

We all watch movies, don’t we?

You just watch them or learn anything from them?

Have you seen CHAK DE, that sattar minutes? Just replace that sattar minutes by 4 Mahine (months)

“4 Months, 4 Months is what all you have. If you study day and Night in these 4 months, then nobody can stop you from getting selected in IIT’s”

You have to give your best, that’s It”

Nothing to lose. That’s what your thinking must be.

Just Finish the Syllabus as Soon as Possible…

If your preparations are not over yet then finish them as soon as possible and if you have started now then don’t worry 4 months are enough for JEE if you prepare sincerely.

If you have lots of syllabus to do, then try to finish it by the end of Feb so that you can spend March and April for revision.

Try to finish the chapters properly. It’s a common tendency of a student to finish the chapter in a hurry so that he/she can move on to the next chapter. See, if you do gaseous state of Chemistry, don’t do it half heartedly (to do more chapters ahead). Finish it properly.

If you know 7 out of 10 chapters (properly), its far better than 10 (not properly studied)

And the most important, if your preparation is full, why are you losing confidence?

If it’s not complete then do it. Whats the use of losing confidence?

So the decision is in your hands. How you want to manage the preparation totally depends on you.

I just want each and every one of you has a bright future

I want all the ECians who are aspiring for IIT to fulfill their dream of being an IITian.

If We Try, We Can and We Will…

So please cut the crap and don’t lost hope because 4 months is all what you have.

Just keep studying and try to enjoy the process of preparing for IITJEE or any other exam.

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