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top engineering colleges of India and top employers of India

We are proud to present you the list of top engineering colleges of India for session 2011 and 2012. This list is based on various ranking provided by indian magazines as well as some personal reseach(expereinces as an IITian ). The colleges were marked on different parameters like intake of students,placements,faculty, infrastructure etc. Like all previous years IITs dominate the list( which i am proud of). New IITs have yet to be ranked as they dont have permanent campuses and placement data( i am talking about all new IITs as whole ).

This year IIT Bombay tops the list and it deserve it. With toppers going there in such a huge numbers(more than 90 from top 100 ) it well deserved it. there are many other things also like research facilities and flexebility of programs. Several changes have also taken place in IIT Kanpur which will have future impact( positive) on it's ranking. I was surprised to see that IT-BHU or i would say IIT (BHU) Varanasi have defeated IIT Roorkee by just 0.7 points. So here is the detailed list:
Top Engineering Colleges of India

  1. IIT Bombay

  2. IIT Delhi

  3. IIT Kanpur

  4. IIT Kharagpur

  5. IIT Chennai

  6. IT-BHU ( or IIT Varanasi)

  7. IIT Roorkee

  8. IIT Guwahati

  9. BITS Pilani

  10. ISMU Dhanbad

  11. NIT Trichy

  12. Delhi Technical University

  13. College of Engineering , Anna University

  14. NIT Surthkal

  15. NIT Warangal

  16. IIIT Hyderabad

  17. NIT Allahabd

  18. NSIT Delhi

  19. IIIT Allahabad

  20. NIT Calicut

  21. BIT Mesra

  22. PEC Univ. of Tech. , Punjab University

  23. College of engineering , Pune

  24. HBTI Kanpur

  25. BIT Sindri

some NITs cann't be ranked because we dont have full data about them. We hope that they will be included next time.

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Placement

  1. IIT Kharagpur

  2. IIT Mumbai

  3. Delhi Tech. University

  4. IIT Delhi

  5. IIT Roorkee

  6. IT-BHU Varanasi (or IIT Varanasi )

  7. NIT Trichy

  8. IIT Chennai

  9. IIT Kanpur

  10. ISMU Dhanbad

The list is based on data provided by various colleges to outlook magazine for their rankings.

Top 10 Engineering College in Selection Process

  1. IIT Delhi

  2. IT-BHU Varanasi (or IIT Varanasi )

  3. IIT Roorkee

  4. IIT Mumbai

  5. IIT Kanpur

  6. IIT Chennai

  7. Delhi Tech. University , Delhi

  8. IIT Kharagpur

  9. IIT Guwahati

  10. NIT Trichy

Top 25 Employers In Engineering in India

Based on number of visits to top campuses over the past three years

  1. NTPC Ltd.

  2. Microsoft

  3. Indian Oil Corp Ltd.

  4. Cisco Systems

  5. IBM

  6. TCS

  7. Tata Motors

  8. L&T

  9. Oracle

  10. Adobe

  11. Informatica

  12. Intel

  13. D.E. Shaw Group

  14. Amazon

  15. Ashok Leyland

  16. Deloitte

  17. Maruti Suzuki

  18. Morgan Stanley

  19. Infosys

  20. Accenture

  21. BHEL

  22. Coal India Ltd.

  23. Google

  24. McKinsey

  25. Schlumberger

Disclaimer: we have taken extreme care while preparing rankings but please consult your teachers before joining any of these colleges. and will not be responsible for losses to you due to above rankings.

rankings changer every year and they are based on interpretation of facts which may be different according to different people.l

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