Saturday, June 25, 2011

trends of IIT JEE: Must for every IIT JEE 2012 aspirant

The pattern of IIT-JEE had changed very much 5 years ago. The IIT-JEE was made objective and Mains was screwed. Now if we believe Kapil Sibbal the aspirants must be ready for an aptitude test in future. Those appearing for IIT JEE in 2012 must not worry much because pattern is not going to change this year(we believe ). Change of pattern may not happen this year but be cautious. Pattern of IIT JEE may not change but pattern of paper may change. We have seen that paper of IIT JEE 2011 was extremely easy(as compared to earlier IIT JEE ). This paper resulted in elevation of cut off marks.

But Million Dollars Question is WHY WAS IIT JEE PAPER MADE SO EASY???
The answer is simple. IIT people want to close coaching classes. They have also said that they want RAW TALENT not trained parrots from IIT JEE coaching classes.
Thus they wanted to show IIT JEE aspirants that if they study intermediate seriously there will be no need of coaching classes as paper coming is very easy.

Why IIT people hate Coaching Classes???
Earlier there was a mains paper which one had to pass for clearing IIT JEE. This mains paper was very difficult and far above intermediate level . Thus students need coaching classes. There were equal number of aspirants who cleared IIT JEE with self study. but as time passed this ratio changed significantly. Coaching classes growed like mushrooms in whole country. Students were trained like parrots to clear IIT JEE. There was little knowledge and lots of rattafication( learning by heart).

IIT People Introduced OBJECTIVE PAPER???
To curb coaching classes(and also to overcome problem caused by increasing number of test takers. ) IIT People decided to introduce single objective type question paper. But this doesn't help. Coaching Classes were grown instead. With objective paper it was easy for them to TRAIN there students. Thus dependency on coaching classes increased. Coaching instead on giving knowledge trained their students to TACKLE objective problems even if they dont know answers. When these students reached IITs proffessors realised that these students dont have much knowledge. They just know how to solve objective problems with known formulaes. They dont know the basics( that why physics experiments and error chapter were added.).


thus we see very easy paper of IIT JEE 2012.

What should I do........I am a aspirant of IIT JEE 2012......???
firstly clear your basics. read your intermediate standard books...easpecially NCERT books very carefully(hey i am not joking.... ). read every concept of these books. we believe that IIT JEE 2012 will be similiar to IIT JEE 2011. thus you have to score much to get a decent rank which you can do by clearing all concepts fron NCERT books.

We think that paper will not be very difficult but will cover questions from all chapters. Questions will also be in very clear cut form that is based on very small concepts not taught at coaching classes. so its my advice that before doing tough questions PLEASE CLEAR ALL YOUR CONCEPTS BY READING NCERT BOOKS.....PLEASE...PLEASE.....PLEASE.
after reading ncert books its totally your choice to study what you good luck

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  1. par how can it be so easy
    are they going they lose all their standards of setting tough papers

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