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books for iit jee 2011

If you are preparing for IIT JEE the toughest job for you must be selecting right books for your preparation. Books remain with you from first day till the IIT JEE day. So choosing a right book is the first and the most important step for IIT JEE.
Many friends will consult you so many books that your whole time is consumed in reading and searching the books. All the books are not same but reading all the books available in the market is not necessary and for some of us it is impossible.
So choosing books is crucial step and thus I am presenting my own collection of books. This list is based on my three years experience and by using this list I have cleared IIT JEE this year.(note: the list I am presenting here is my personal choice. Please consult your teacher before blindly following anything )

Back to the basics
In my coaching I have seen many students which are intelligent but are unable to crack IIT JEE. On the other hand you may see many students which are not so brilliant but are able to crack IIT JEE. It happens because they don’t have knowledge of basics of their syllabus. You must have basic knowledge of all the things in your syllabus to crack IIT JEE. You can easily prepare a topic and can easily do all the toughest problem in it and you can become superstar in your coaching but you cant crack IIT JEE this way.
So you must understand all the basic concepts of your syllabus. This is more a tough job as it seems. For basic knowledge I used following books-
Physics: H.C. Verma(part 1 and 2 ).
Chemistry: NCERT class 11 and 12th books.
Maths : NCERT class 11 and 12th book.

Many people ignore basics and that’s why they fail in IIT JEE. If you don’t trust me then solve any previous year IIT JEE’s paper and you will come to know that how important basics are. And also remember good buildings have great foundations. If you feel uncomfortable in any specific topic don’t be shy to consult books of lower class.

Now move to IIT JEE’s level
IIT JEE questions are not tough. They are unique and requires a good problem solving approach. So you must solve many problems so that your concepts are well grounded in your mind.
The books which I am consulting now is of advanced level and must be read only after completing basic level.(using these books for starting level may be seriously injurious to your health and your IIT JEE result. )

Physics: Arihant problem book( these have many solved and unsolved problems in different formats). If you have time you can also do ierodov.(many ierodov problems are now covered in almost every IIT JEE preparation book ).
Chemistry: there is a book in the market of balagi publications, written by M.S. Chauhan(H.O.D. chemistry bansal classes kota ). If you not get it you go for arihant problem book in chemistry.
Maths: Arihant books. If you could solve them, you could easily attempt your IIT JEE paper. Tata McGraw hill is another best option for IIT JEE.

For advance level you could also consult any coaching material like bansal, fiitIIT JEE, resonance but avoid using multiple books. If you have arihant books then not buy any coaching material. If you have coaching material don’t buy arihant books.
But the most important thing is that you learn your basics first. After reading basic level books you can buy either any coaching material referred above or you can buy arihant books. if you have joined any coaching then after covering basics you must do your coaching material before entering advance level.

If you don’t have money then what to do…..

if you don’t have much money to do coachings , buy expensive material’s then also you can crack IIT JEE. Many students have cracked IIT JEE without coachings. Biggest example is the current 10 pointer of IIT KANPUR……Mayank.
You can buy old editions of book. You can ask students their study materials. You can even search libraries for study material. Many coaching’s have their old study material, they can give it to you for free. You can even search junk dealers for study material. These things are appearing joke but if you are a needy one you can try this. My maths teacher had borrowed study materials from his friend and then he ran away from his house and came Lucknow. After studying by himself on railway platform he cleared IIT JEE. That’s the spirit you needed. Best of luck for your IIT JEE.

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