Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Preparing For IIT JEE 2012 - Some Last Minute Tips

The countdown for IIT JEE 2012 has begun! IIT JEE exam is round the corner at 8th April 2012. Finally the time has come up to take stock of the situation and put your best foot forward. Every year lakhs of students appear in this entrance exam with a dream for reserving a seat in top engineering colleges of India. There are some last preparation tips for those who are going to appear in JEE exam this year. 

Time For Revision
In the last few days, don't start a new topic as it will confuse you further leading to a panic situation. Revise your key concepts, derivations and formulas whatever you have studied earlier.  Some important topics for revision are Electromagnetism and modern physics in Physics, Calculus and Coordinate Geometry in Maths and Aromatic compounds & Ionic equilibrium in Chemistry. If you have prepared flash cards of important theorems, topics, formulas, equations etc., this is the best time to revisit them. Scan through all your notes a day before the exam. 

Practice Practice Practice!
Do Practice as much as you can from IIT sample paper or Online mock tests. Also attempt last 5 year question papers of IIT JEE before IIT JEE exam pattern has changed after 2007. Ask all your doubts from your teachers/seniors/colleagues. But try to solve your question yourself. 

Change Your Biological Clock
In the last few years, you might have study in wee hours of night and sleep in the day time. Now the time has come to reverse your body's clock. Eight hour sleep is must for everyone. So in the last week, you shouldn't study in late night. Prepare a time schedule and stick on it. Also include some time for yoga, meditation or some entertainment.  These activities will help you to relax and calm. 

It is truly said by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ” So Appear in IIT JEE 2012 with full confidence and well preparation.

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